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Pregnancy and Neonatal Registry

Pregnancy And Neonatal outcomes for women with COVID-19

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The COVID-19 outbreak will affect thousands of pregnant women globally and evidence is currently limited on its impact on pregnancy and neonates.
There is a need to rapidly collect clinical experience of COVID in pregnancy and the neonates to inform the global community about the natural history of the disease and guide improvements in clinical care and public health. The registry is centre-based and aims to offer a continuously updated collection of clinical case reports from around the world.
Our research questions are to explore the experience of COVID-19 and:
Fetal Growth Restriction and Stillbirth
Pre-term Delivery
Transmission from Mother to Baby
Modelling and opinion on the extent and peak of the outbreak suggests a broad time period over which the virus may impact on global populations. Our proposed registry will provide weekly feedback of data to the clinical community and will allow them to adapt their response based on the most the current information available.

Maternity Registry

The study has built a registry for women affected by COVID-19 in pregnancy. The registry is now live.

SOP Sharing

To form a data resource to develop optimal care for maternity services during COVID-19. 

Regular Reports

The study will produce regular reports available for healthcare professionals and researchers globally.





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